Career Development

Salary and Benefits:

1.Salary: We have a sound salary system, providing competitive payment and benefits.

2.Accommodation allowance and transport subsidies: We provide various benefits including staff meal, buffets and holidays.

3.Insurance: We offer Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance, Occupational Injury Insurance, Maternity Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and Housing Provident Funds.

4.Health: We attach great importance to our staff’s physical and mental health, which can be reflected in arranging annual physical examination to establish recording files concerning the physical condition of employees and organizing various types of cultural and sports activities each year.

Career Planning and Development:

1.Induction: We allocate guidance staff, who are responsible for new employees’ work and study affairs, to all posts, promoting their integration into the team;

2.Training: We have perfect training system, training budget and experienced internal training groups, which help new recruits learn and achieve progress.

3.Promotion and development: We concentrate on the training of internal personnel and provide a perfect promotion channel, which contributes to the growth of both our staff and the company.

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