The second quarter of 2019, Yinbang Reading Club - "Deliberate Practice"
On May 30th, Yinbang’s second quarter reading conference ended in the staff reading room. The theme of this issue, “Deliberate Practice”, revealed to us the “genius of genius”.
Yinbang Co., Ltd. won the 7th Tang Xiangqian Excellence Engineer Award
On May 21st, the “7th Tang Xiangqian Excellence Engineer Award” was grandly presented at the 4th Global Tin Merchants Conference.
South Korea Visiting Tour
On April 18th, the second group of Korean visiting students set foot on the land of South Korea. With the experience shared by the first members, the second group of members began a four-day study tour with great ease.
Yinbang's first quarter reading conference in 2019
In order to let everyone develop the habit of reading and let our corporate culture be full of book fragrance, we will open a special event of “Yinbang Reading Club” every quarter this year. On March 23, Yinbang’s first quarter reading conference ...
The first batch of Korean tour visits of Yinbang Co., Ltd. ended successfully
In order to broaden the horizons of employees, enhance employees' self-management ability, and feel the advanced management mode and Korean culture of the client company, Yinbang Co., Ltd. won the outstanding employees, excellent internal trainers an...
Yinbang shares to carry out the theme of the flower goddess flower arrangement art
On March 8th, the annual “Goddess Day” came as scheduled, and the theme of the “Love the Flower Sea” flower arrangement art appreciation organized by Yinbang was opened.
Yinbang's 30th Anniversary Celebration and 2019 Company Party Successfully Ended
At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane was updated. At 11:08 on January 20, 2019, the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Yinbang and the 2019 meeting were held in Yinbang Metal Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
Sanhua and Yinbang signed a strategic cooperation agreement
The company held a meeting to launch the integration of the two standards
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