Upgrading the brand-YINBANG

The company decided to take the new version of brand symbols with an eye to projecting an uniform visual image of the company. The decision is also intended to ensure that the brand assets record an increase in value and improve the brand’s visibility and make the image easier to be accepted.:


一、 The interpretation of new logo

(1)The icon is evolved from the Xiaozhuan body of the Chinese character, which combines the square contour to form a visual symbol of Chinese printing. State means a country. In the seal body, the left represents the growth and construction, and the right represents cities. As a brand logo, Bang represents the brand concept of the company with people as the foundation. Chinese seal represents the sincere spirit among the company and the people, the company and the society, the company and the customers.

(2)The color of the icon is composed of gradient blue and green, which represents the technology and the future, revealing the company’s commitment to bringing the ideal easy life for people driven by continuous innovation and enterprising sprit.

(3)YB is the abbreviation of Yinbang Clad Material Co.,Ltd.Yinbang is the Chinese name of the company Yinbang clad material Co., Ltd. ‘Lightening the future’ means bringing easy life ideal to people through material and technological innovation.

二、To compare to logo upgrade


三、To instruct with logo upgrade

From July 2017,company to carry out works including brand website、brand AD、brand manual、Promotional material and logo upgrade.Almost logo will update within a year. In the meantime it will be in a mess,please understand and support by you.

With the new mission, yinbang is sincere with users and society, adhering to the continuous innovation and progress. Through the material and technological innovation and progress, it finally brings the ideal and mission of easy life to people and focuses on the development and application of new materials and new technologies.

In case of inconvenience,please kindly understanding!

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