Sanhua and Yinbang signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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Yinbang Clad Material Co., Ltd.

Announcement on signing strategic cooperation agreement

The company and all members of the board of directors guarantee that the information disclosed is true, accurate and complete without any false record, misleading statement or material omission.

Introduction of parties to the agreement

1.The basic situation of zhejiang sanhua zhejiang sanhua auto parts co., LTD is sanhua holding group subordinate core industry, mainly engaged in new energy vehicles and traditional vehicle thermal management system, air conditioning system with various core components, products include thermal expansion valve, electronic expansion valve, receiver and controller, solenoid valve, electronic water pump, electronic water valve, all kinds of automotive heat exchanger and a series of products.

The company adheres to the strategy of "leading technology", focuses on the new energy automobile industry, strives to provide customers with clean, environmental protection, green products, with excellent quality and integrity of service, to win the high trust of customers at home and abroad. The company has become a long-term partner of tesla, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, gm, saic, faw, changan, changcheng, jiangling, geely and other domestic and foreign well-known automobile manufacturers, as well as Mahle, Valeo, Sanden, Behr and other international famous automobile air-conditioning manufacturers in global procurement.

2.Zhejiang sanhua is a long-term partner of the company and has a strong ability to perform the contract.

3. There is no correlation between sanhua zhejiang and the company.

4. Zhejiang sanhua has had similar transactions with the company in the recent three fiscal years as follows:

                                                                                                                            Ten thousand yuan in units


Purchase and sales amount (excluding tax)

It accounts for the proportion of total purchase and sales in that year

Main contents of the agreement

As the basis for concrete cooperation, both sides will first establish an instant information sharing mechanism and deepen communication channels.

Regularly carry out technical exchanges to jointly create industry-leading technology and quality standards; At the same time both sides agreed to establish peace

Taiwan to carry out brand promotion, product marketing, technical improvement, quality training, customer service, talent training

All aspects of extensive and in-depth cooperation, and jointly formulate action plans, build strategic alliances.

The specific commitments of bilateral strategic cooperation are as follows:

1. Specific commitments of party a:

1.1 party A appoints party b as point A supplier (70%) for party A's new energy automobile water cooling plate platform project. At the same time, party b will be given more cooperation and participation in such fields as water cooling panel of new energy vehicles and Chiller

1.2 for party a's projects and subsequent new projects, priority shall be given to party b under the same conditions for new development projects

For the right of participation, party b may participate in advance according to the cost target of party a and assist party a in the development and design.

2. Specific commitments of party b:

2.1 ensure the project development progress, sample delivery time and product performance and quality of all products supplied by party b on the project.Both quantity and supply plan can meet the mass production requirements of this project.

2.2 party b shall provide party a with the most competitive prices in the industry to ensure the cost competitiveness of party a's products.

2.3 party b shall provide party a with the most advanced technology in the industry and assist party a's products to be industry-leading.

2.4 party b is committed to providing party a with the best quality assurance and assisting party a to be in the leading position in the industry in product quality.

2.5 for the development of cutting-edge technology products, party a shall be the preferred partner for joint development.

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