YinBang and Falcontech senior executive warmly welcome Airbus China's president Laurence Barron’s team.

On the afternoon of December 14, 2017, to promote cooperation with airbus in aerospace manufacturing, Mr. Shen Jiansheng, chairman of Yinbang shares, Mr. Jin Hongwei, general manager of Yinbang shares, and Mr. Shen Yulan, chairman ofFalcomtech, Mr. Chu Ruikun, director of research and development projects inFalcomtech, warmly received Mr Laurence Barron, president of Airbus China. Mr. Albert Varenne, purchasing director, accompanied by Ms. Chu Mengxing, public relations manager of Yinbang shares.

网络1.jpgTaken before the reception desk

Airbus, also known as air bus, is one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, with Airbus's production line starting from the A300 model, the world's first dual-channel, twin-engined aircraft. Airbus Beijing is mainly engaged in engineering research, development, design and consulting services for aircraft components.


Exchange talks between the two sides

The two sides held a development symposium, at which Jin Hongwei, general manager of Yinbang, briefed the Airbus VIP party on the company's core products, technological advantages, industry applications and achievements and development plans.Falcomtech Research and Development project Minister Churico introduced its technical team, core products, corporate honors and cooperation needs. Both sides expressed the hope to achieve in-depth cooperation in the areas of aviation component manufacturing and additive manufacturing, and jointly promote the development of 3D printing in the aviation industry.

After the meeting, Mr. Laurence Barron, President of airbus China, and Mr. Albert Varenne, director of purchasing department, visited the yinbang brand culture experience hall, production workshop andFalcomtech’s 3D workshop.

网站3.jpgAirbus President visits the cultural district of experience hall.


Airbus President visits virtual factory area of experience hall.


The general manager of yinbang explained the layout of globalization.


Mr Chu Ruikun, head of the research and development project department ofFalcomtech, explained 3D printing technology to airbus President.

The two leaders expressed their high appreciation for Yinbang and Faclontech, and the two sides hoped to take this visit as an opportunity to push forward the in-depth cooperation between the airline and airbus in the field of aerospace manufacturing, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. 

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