Opening ceremony of the Media-Yinbang Joint Innovation Laboratory

To achieve strong alliances, complementary advantages, comprehensive, long-term and stable cooperative relations, guided by collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation, the two sides have conducted extensive cooperation in technological innovation, technological innovation, cost innovation, reliability innovation and talent training and signed the joint laboratory cooperation agreement. It transfers from the simple "business cooperation" to technical and strategic cooperation. August 22, 2017, the two sides held a laboratory set up a ceremony and announced the establishment of the Joint Innovation Laboratory.





The Deputy President of China Household Electrical Appliances Association and "Electrical" magazine editor Chen Li, who as a guest witnessed Joint Laboratory Project ceremony, expressed high recognition.

Meanwhile, the dean Zhou Dejing of YB Materials Research (a national ten thousand program expert), regarding the metal-layered composite materials and its application in the field of household appliances, arranged for Midea developers professional knowledge training and technology exchange and conducted heated discussion.



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