Contribute To C919's Flight
C919 is configured with 28 pieces of 3D printed titanium alloy parts which are manufactured by Falcontech, commissioned ...
Boosting Green Ride
Green ride. Yinbang developed and produced brazing aluminum clad materials are widely used in all types of vehicles, he...
Bone Reconstruction
The stability and quality of the implant play a decisive role for the company to establish itself in the industry. The ...
About YinBang

We stay committed to integrated R&D of new technology and production of new materials like brazing aluminum clad and multi-metal clad material.

Competence Areas
The Key Cases
Additive Smart Manufacturing Used In C919
Additive smart manufacturing used in C919. the air inlet made of Ti clad materials in the fan in environment control system in C919’s engin...
The Applications Of Aluminum Clad Materials
The brazing aluminum clad materials developed and manufactured by Yinbang are widely applied in air conditioning system in appliances. Multi...
Green Ride
Yinbang developed and produced brazing aluminum clad materials and wide aluminum clad plates are widely used in all types of vehicles, heat ...
Consumer Electronics
Multi-medal clad materials developed and produced by Yinbang are used in the shell of 4G and 5G cellphone with good radiation, light weight...
Medical Industry
3D Printing Technology
Falcontech produces Ti clad -made implants using 3D printing technology and the implants could be transplanted into the body of a patient w...
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AddressHongshan, Xin district, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China
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