Boosting Green Ride

As China makes great efforts to push the growth in new energy vehicles in recent years, major manufacturers of cars driven by new energy grows rapidly, resulting in the explosive growth in the output of batteries. YINGBANG, with technological accumulation for many years, manufactures aluminum clad materials with light weight and high strength that could be used in the cooling system in the battery in new energy vehicles. We also produce explosion-resisting aluminum clad materials with high strength that could be applied to battery shells, making the battery life extended and the battery safer.

On July 28th, 2017, the ceremony for delivery of Model 3 was held and Yinbang, working with Sanhua Group, became a supplier of aluminum clad materials for Tesla’s Model3. In addition, the company also established partnerships with world class manufacturers of main structure of cars to provide service to international auto brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW. We are also the first-rate supplier for BYD, the Great Wall and  volkswagen, contributing to people’s green ride. 

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