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On May 5, 2017, the large homemade aircraft C919 soared straight up into the blue sky with " Wuxi element" ! The large homemade aircraft C919 finally achieved the dream of flying out of the blueprint and into the blue sky. What a significant event for Chinese! The C919 marks an important milestone in the development of Chinese aviation and economy .C919 made use of cutting-edge 3D printing technology in design and manufacturing process. As a representative of suppliers in 3D printing industry,  Yulan Shen,  Falcontech CEO, who was honored to be invited to the scene of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, witnessed the historic moment of C919s maiden flight.



Falcontech Co.,Ltd. CEO Yulan Shen was watching the maiden flight of the large aircraft on the scene.

As for China, C919 is not just a large passenger jetliner. It also means China will no longer be dependent on imports in aviation aircraft industry. China is gradually becoming an independent manufacturer and researcher of large aircraft and Chinese aircraft manufacturing is becoming a name card of “Made in China”. This undoubtedly enhanced the international profile of China’s manufacturing industry.

Additionally, the manufacturing of COMAC's C919 will drive the development of related industries, training aviation personnel and bringing in numerous job opportunities for high-tech talents. This gives a significant boost to economic growth.

What is the C919?

——A large passenger jetliner with intellectual property right for China.


An overall view of C919


According to CCTV , C919 is nearly 39 meters long. It carries 156 to 168 passengers in a usual operating configuration up to 3,000 nautical miles (5,555 km), a distance comparable to that of direct flight from Beijing to Singapore. It is intended to compete with the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo.  As a rising star in civil aviation, C919 boasts a great configuration.

According COMAC’s official website, C919 aircraft is a large civil jet aircraft independently developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation regulations, and owns independent intellectual property right. C919 aircraft seats from 158 to 174 passengers, and flies a range of 4,075 to 5,555 kilometers.

The project of researching and manufacturing large aircraft was officially launched in 2007. The first C919 rolled off the assembly line in COMAC's assembling center in 2015. It takes ten years for China's domestically-made large aircraft to take its maiden flight.

During the period, researchers have identified 102 key areas where technological breakthroughs needs to be made, aiming at more advanced aerodynamic configurations, structural materials and airborne system, among others. In preparation for maiden flight, C919 has completed 118 testing programs as well as 21 taxiing tests covering low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed taxiing tests. It passed the flying review in April 2017 after the technical review in March 2017 by experts.

With an eye on the most mainstream aircraft market (150 seats), C919, which has captured attention from airline companies at home and abroad, was researched and manufactured by international standards in terms of airworthiness and market operations.

As of now, 23 airlines around the world like China International Airlines and GECAS have placed orders for 570 large passenger jetliners.


The photo from Xinhua Net of the inside of cabin.





It is noted that C919 has for the first time succeeded in applying titanium alloy parts produced by 3D printers. And the standardization of 3D printing technology by Airbus and its role in the supply chain marked that 3D printing technology has found its application in aviation manufacturing, which highlights the advantages of 3D printing technology in aircraft manufacturing industry. Admittedly, China can be as excellent as western countries in this field as China sees the application of 3D printing technology in its COMAC C919, the first commercial large passenger jetliner.. Falcontech , with a good command of the technique of producing titanium alloy parts with 3D printers, has proved itself as a bulk supplier to serve any national or international airplane manufacturers. 3D printing technology can not only be used to manufacture parts in large air-crafts but also gain an edge over traditional techniques and products with the application of this technology could meet customers’ demand. 

Extended reading:

Falcontechand China’s commercial aircraft C919

C919 is configured with 28 pieces of 3D printed titanium alloy parts which are manufactured by Falcontech, commissioned by China Aviation Industry in Hong Du, a main manufacturer of front, center and rear fuselages. This batch of 3D printed parts are used in boarding gates, service doors and front and rear cargo doors of front, center and rear fuselages on C919.

In June 2016, Falcontech(hereinafter referred to as Falcon) , at the request of the COMAC, launched the development of components needed to put in the air inlet configuration for C919 airplane prototype. It is an important functional unit with a sophisticated structure, located in the hanger of airplane engine. Falcontech launched a campaign to tackle this key technical issue of creating this titanium alloy with thin-wall structure needed to meet the technical requirements for placing it on air inlet configuration, using 3D printing based on SLM technique.

Falcontech researchers’ unremitting efforts were rewarded by the breakthroughs four months later in addressing stress cracking and Profile deformation, common technical problems in large thin-wall parts of titanium alloy. Falcon delivered the products punctually, contributing to C919’s takeoff on Nov 8th, 2016. COMAC was extremely satisfied with the job done by the company, as evidenced by the letter of thanks to Falcontech never seen before.


Components location diagram , 3D Printed by Falcontech, of C919 Aircraft Boarding Door  


The letter of thanks from the COMAC

From: CNS, CCTV News and DongYing Net

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