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Launched on 3rd of August 2017, Huawei nova 2 plus mirror version has enjoyed great popularity for that moment. With very shiny back-mirror effect, this kind of product is more beautiful looking than other five with a different mix of colors including rose-gold, streamer-gold, vegetation-green, aurora-blue, and obsidian-black and delivers a sense of superiority to them. With a high reflectivity, the back of the phone can almost completely function as a mirror. It is tailored for the pretties who are in pursuit of fashion in that the phone can be used to help them make up when they’re out, and the effect is comparable to that delivered by its rear - mounted dual camera. Huawei nova 2 plus mirror version employs several technologies first used in the industries. Its shell has been honed through dozens of procedures before emerging with the spectacular mirror effect. Light-weight clad materials provide a basis for mobile phone replacement, and the latest version combines high hardness fine steel with internal aluminum material. This not only guarantees the brightness of the back-mirror, but also retains the lightness and firmness of the material. The double-metal vacuum cladding technology bypasses the conventional techniques, enhancing the strength of the back plate by more than 40 %. The clad materials, characterized by light weight, high strength, beautiful-appearance offers a comfortable sense of gripping, , and have high cost performance.  They have been preferred by the mainstream brands, which are widely applied in communications, such as: communication cabinets, mobile phone cover, shielding materials, box, and so on.


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