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Recent years have seen many Chinese people scramble for toilet cover , electric cooker in Japan. This phenomenon, as the electric cooker manufacturers in China are quite aware, can be attributed to increasing growth in people’s financial ability. Chinese people’s obsession with Japan’s electric cooker is not what they really want. What those people who go abroad for a electrical cook really desire is to have more delicious and more nutritious rice served and to live a quality life.

YINGBANG is committed to developing new materials to make people live a more convenient life and we established R&D institute with a total of 50 million RMB invested in scientific research, exploring the applications of new materials. With unremitting efforts, we improve the magnetic conductivity by leveraging the attributes of different medal materials. By adopting 3-dimentional heating, the cooked rice is more tasty. This is a historical change brought about by us and the appliance producers, which makes it possible that Chinese people, without going abroad, could enjoy more delicious and more nutritious rice than that cooked using Japan’s cookware. This is why Media, a domestic appliance producer, came to set up Media-Yinbang joint innovation lab with Yinbang, a case of the strong joining hands with the strong.The institute is committed to integrating materials and technology with people’s daily life so as to improve people’s life.

Yinbang, lightening the future.

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