The company adopts the unique technologies like gas atomization and solidification, control of high-speed airflow, quality control of raw materials, powder design and control to cope with some technical issues relating to sphericity of particles, impurity control, variations in different batches. The company produces superfine titanium alloy powder of high quality that is suitable for 3D printing. The company utilizes its patented technology and the non-contact electrodes atomization from German ALD to process the high melting point metal into spherical titanium alloy powder. The alloy powder is characterized by a high degree of sphericity, less satellite spherical particles, high purity, low oxygen content, good flowability and well grain size distribution. Falcontech established the technological foundation for the research in producing superfine titanium alloy powder of high quality used in 3D printing. 

At present, Falcontech is the only company in China to produce titanium alloy powder for aerospace purposes. The company mass-produces and sells titanium alloy powder of aerospace grade and the products’ quality is up to the bar in medical care industry internationally. The successful development and mass production of titanium alloy powder makes the company the first to produce this power of aerospace grade in China and changed the scenario of the foreign product’s dominance and broken away from the technical blockade imposed by other countries to access to 3D printing raw materials.

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