Guizhou Liyang Tianxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Wuxi Yinbang Defense Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech company and a national high-tech enterprise for the development and manufacture of special equipment for the military.

Founded in 1993, the company is located in Baiyun Shawen Science and Technology Ecological Industrial Park, National High-tech Enterprise Development Zone, Guiyang City. It covers an area of 91,000 square meters, with registered capital of 13.3333 million yuan and engineering and technical personnel accounting for 36% of the total. He has won many national, military and Guizhou provincial scientific and technological progress awards and has many national and national defense patent technologies and get all the military wage quality .It is a large-scale enterprise in Guiyang High-tech Industrial Park and has a high reputation.

As the main R&D and manufacturing enterprise of the special equipment of the military, the company has made outstanding achievements in anti-chemical military products, aviation engine inspection and tools, rocket military nuclear and chemical equipment, military-to-civilian products, non-standard design, etc. R & D design, automatic control, system integration and other aspects have strong strength, is the only development unit of our military continuous smoking equipment.

Business scope: including smoking/decontamination equipment, aero-engine parts manufacturing, aviation engine support equipment, gas turbine research and development and application, solid waste/sewage treatment equipment, waste heat utilization equipment, DCS/PLC measurement and control system integration equipment and related engineering R & D, production and sales; mechanical and electrical equipment installation; instrumentation; electrical and electrical engineering design and construction, construction safety engineering, technical consulting services; computer software development and information system integration; shipbuilding, sales and maintenance; waterway transportation; ship equipment production and sales; Development, modification, production and sales; construction materials, coal and ore marketing.


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