Wuxi Weilai Defense Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The company is located in Hongshan Town, New District, Wuxi City. Our company is the first professional special vehicle design company in China, providing technical services for many military units such as China Weapons Group, China Armament Group, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and undertaking prototype manufacturing work. Through the accumulation of project technology, Villey Defense has formed the technical advantages in the development of military special vehicles and military equipment products, and has formed its own in lightning protection bulletproof, unmanned control, chassis technology, military vehicle modeling, special vehicle technology and tooling. Featured technology.

With the development of the military special vehicle industry and the company, our company has set up an intelligent control technology team. The team is mainly engaged in the development of new energy vehicle control unit modules and integrated system unit modules for the civilian product business direction; the military industry corresponds to unmanned vehicles, remote control vehicles and electric drive, hybrid platform vehicles, and undertakes the design and initiative of some models of remote control systems. Suspension controller design work and achieved some results.

With the concept of “seeking truth, progress, rigor, and win-win” as its guiding ideology, Villey's defense is constantly developing and innovating, pursuing the design concept of sustainable development and serving advanced technology in the field of military special equipment and new energy equipment.

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