Founded in 2013,  YINBANG R &D Institute is headed by senior engineer Zhou Dejing, who is the selectee of national “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”, the leading talent of Youth Scientific and Technological innovation in technology development and the expert of metal structural materials. The research institute takes a research-based approach, seeking technical breakthroughs and following the idea of “innovation and application, the combination of research and industry”.  The company places emphasis on fundamental researches, key technologies, and business-oriented application of clad aluminum for brazing, multi metal clad materials and special high-strength aluminum clad materials.

Its R&D team has a total of 35 people and some of them are the chief experts listed in national 863 Project, some from “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”, recognizing the leading talents of scientific and technological innovation, and others are recognized talents for innovation and entrepreneur in Jiangsu province. Besides, it has engaged in sound cooperation with well-known universities in China and beyond such as TU Clausthal, MIT, Monash University, Central South University, Northeastern University, University of Science and Technology Beijing(USTB), Tianjin University, and Beijing University of Technology, to name just a few. It stays committed to transforming the results of scientific research into new commercial products, making technological accomplishments felt in people’s daily life. About 50 million yuan has been invested in scientific research on a yearly basis. The company has recorded a total of 400 million RMB in investment in R&D.. It has acquired more than 100 patents, drafted and amended 13 national and industrial standards and won 10 provincial technological awards. The company has developed 12 new hi-tech products.


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