After years of development, Chinese aviation manufacturing industry has made great progress. However, compared with those in western countries, aero-engine manufacturing industry, especially those key heat-resisting rotating parts, including all high-temperature turbine blades, is still far behind . Our founding team members have engaged in the manufacturing and production of aviation turbine blades in the UK before returning to China.  Before the start of the business, market researchers found that, in Chinese market, there was no agent of qualified sophisticated molds manufactured by western aviation blade manufacturing. With a sigh, they also firmly believe this is an entrepreneurial opportunity. 

In 2013, Falcontech was established by foreign experts and returnees who have a profound knowledge of western blade precision casting industry. Our company focuses on research and development of auxiliary tools in aviation precision manufacturing mold and tools for production. We are a designer, a manufacturer of these tools and a solution provider. . Falcontech is a overall solution provider in how the precision casting provides mold toolings. We excel in the design and manufacturing of jet engine turbine blade, gas turbine blades and the mold of turbocharger impeller in automobiles. At the same time, the company can design and manufacture the corresponding tooling and measuring tools.

Name of product: Turbine Blades Mold

Functions: The company adopts the technology of parting the movable split patterns, which prevents the turbine blades from being upside down in mold unloading. It is easy to assemble and operate.

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