In September 2012, the subsidiary called Falcontech in which we hold shares was set up, and the company devotes itself to leading the development of metal 3D printing. Furthermore, the company has become the first comprehensive service provider in the whole 3D printing industry in China.

The logo of Falcontech and its interpretation:


(1)The logo of Falcontech is shaped like a flying falcon, which echoes what the English name represents and acts as a symbol of the enterprise culture of exploring and striving. 

(2)The logo is spectacularly colored with a color gradient, making the visual effect more vivid and more futuristic.

(3)The logo is derived from the infinite symbol, which implies unlimited creativity. It shows the boundless possibility Falcontech will bring to the manufacturing industry as well as the endless imagination the company will inspire in people for future life.

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The Falcontech (hereinafter referred to as the company) was founded in August 2012 with a registered capital of 220 million yuan. The company has built offices, research and development departments and manufacturing venues. These buildings cover an area of about 6500 square meters. Falcontech is a solution provider of a wide range of services covering production of raw materials for metal powder in 3D printing, spare parts 3D printing manufactures, parts post-processing (including HIP), machining, performance testing and 3D printing equipment selling.

The company has been equipped with a complete set of facilities for R&D and production. These facilities, including EIGA atomization equipment that produce  ALD Ti powder with high purity and free of ceramic impurity, British Renishaw RenAM 500M, Germany EOS M280 / M290, Concept Laser Xline1000R, Belgium EPSI HIP furnace, Rumul Testronic high-frequency fatigue testing machine, Instron low frequency fatigue tester, Zwick universal hardness testing machine, Cilas990DL Laser particle size analyzer, Horiba gas detector, have been in use. The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Renishaw company, a leading manufacturer of metal 3D printing in the world, making it a partner and franchiser of Renishaw in the technological solutions for additive manufacturing in China. The expertise of Falcontech in the aerospace field and what it can now offer, coupled with the leading techniques and expertise in manufacturing owned by Renishaw, can ensure customers’ access to the latest and most efficient solutions in manufacturing.

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