In 2016, we set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Wuxi Yinbang Defense Science and Technology Co., Ltd to focus on providing services to defense industry, obtained all qualifications for producing materials for defense purposes. The company, working with another company, developed aluminum clad plate of certain type used in defense and military projects. The company also completed the research and production of certain metal powder and aviation parts of national importance. The company is also capable of designing and manufacturing products, providing military services to the sea, land and air defense programs.

Product design and application :

Sea: The self-developed honeycomb board is used in light patrol boat and so on.

Land: The self-developed aluminum clad deck is used in armored car, general tactical vehicle, truck, tank, ground sentry box, bullet shield.

Aviation: The self-developed sophisticated parts and materials are used in fuselage, engine , engine blade tooling, titanium alloy power and so on.

Space: The self-developed sophisticated parts are used as engine parts, satellite parts and so on.

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