We are the leading company in China to be used to combine multiple layers, or coils with coils, which is the first of its kind in China and a breakthrough in traditional monolithic strip clad technology. Quality and production capacity within China, Yinbang has developed dozens of multi-metal clad material products including aluminum steel, aluminum stainless steel, aluminum bronze, aluminum-titanium, copper steel, stainless steel etc. 

With unremitting exploration, we enhanced the magnetic permeability of the containers of pots made of clad materials by harnessing the power of the different properties of metals.  And three-dimensional heating makes the rice cooked by rice cooker more delicious. Based on these technological innovations, we established a joint laboratory for innovation with Midea, an appliance giant in China, which can prompt the new materials’ application in household appliances.


The multi-metal clad materials, featured by light weight and high strength, offer a solid technological foundation for the mobile phones’ evolving from one generation to the next. Engineers integrate high hardness steel with aluminum material though dozens of polishing processes, and the end products not only retain the brightness of the clad metal, but also obtain the feature of being lightweight and hard. Furthermore, our bimetallic vacuum cladding is superior to the old techniques, leading to an over 40% increase in strength of the backplane and nearly 100 times increase in surface gloss. Flagship companies choose our products first for its aesthetics and smooth surface at a most affordable cost. The metal materials have found wide applications in 3C electronic metal shell, such as clad phone back cover, clad shielding materials and clad box.

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The laminated strip of embedded steel clad aluminum, independently developed by our company, shows a high dimensional accuracy and a good thermal stability. The company is the first producer in China to mass-produce aluminum clad steel stripe for air-cooling system in a power plant. The company breaks the monopoly of the German Vikard Enterprise in the market for this material and is widely used in power industry, automobiles, petrochemical industry, engineering machinery and other industries. After years of efforts, the aluminum clad steel material we produced is ranked first all over the world in its applications in air-cooling system in power stations..


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