Brazing aluminum alloy composites possess compact structure, high heat dissipation efficiency and good anti-collapse properties. And multi-layer brazing aluminum alloy composite material is further improved in corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has been widely used in automobile heat exchangers, engineering machinery heat exchange, power station air cooling, domestic air conditioning and HVAC.

1、Automobile heat exchange system

With the full aluminum and lightweight of water tank and air-conditioner, the amount of the brazing aluminum alloy composites keeps increasing rapidly. Yinbang is dedicated to providing a full range of high-quality aluminum alloy products and solutions for automotive heat exchanger users in this field. Materials are used in: automotive radiators , heaters, oil cooler, intercoolers and automotive air-conditioning evaporators, condensers.


With the state vigorously advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, the new energy vehicles will finally win the consumers' favor.  Yinbang keeps keen insight into the changing needs of the new energy vehicle. In the field of heat exchange systems, it actively cooperates with the heat exchanger manufacturers and promotes application of aluminum alloy composites in battery chiller, battery water cold plate and battery shell material.


New-energy battery chiller


New-energy battery water cold plate


Battery shells

2、Air cooling equipment in power station

In recent years, the state has vigorously advocated water-saving and energy conservation, and encouraged the development of air cooling technology in power stations, which creates huge market demand for the application of heat transfer aluminum alloy composite material in the air cooling equipment in power station. Yinbang has established close cooperation with customers to jointly promote the development of air- cooling industry in power station.


3、Engineering machinery

Yin Bang has established close cooperation with its customers. It provides heat dissipation material solutions for building machinery, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports and defense engineering construction in the field of construction machinery system, such as for diesel engine plate-fin heat exchanger and transmission system radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, etc., with low noise, small vibration performance advantages.


4、Micro-channel heat exchanger for household air conditioner

        With aluminum of domestic air conditioning and HVAC micro channel heat exchanger, China becomes the largest country for the production and consumption of air conditioners in the world. 

        Yinbang has established long-term cooperation with domestic air conditioning enterprises such as Media, Green and so on to expand the market space of heat transfer aluminum clad materials in the field of air conditioning micro channel. 

5、Rail transit

With the rapid development of rail transit industry in China, Yinbang has established cooperation with customers, in the cooling system of rail transit vehicles, to popularize the application of aluminum alloy composite materials, such as electric locomotives, emus units, , engineering repairing vehicle, subway and other models.


Working in partnership with internationally leading manufacturers, Yinbang is a service-provider for brands like Tesla, GE, BMW, Mercedes Benz and turns into a supplier to Volkswagen, BYD, GWM. We have built a long-term cooperation relationship with air conditioning enterprises including MIDEA and GREE and other big names like CRRC, Caterpillar, Hamon, SPX, GE in the fields of rail transport, construction machinery, air-cooled power station and petrochemical.

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