Yinbang strengthens the company’s position as one of the leading suppliers of clad material. The Company has been dedicated to supplying world-class products and solutions for global heat exchangers industry, making it a reliable long-term partner .

After year’s accumulation, Yinbang has developed a complete R&D and production system for aluminum clad materials which can satisfy various technical needs. The company has customized a variety of products featuring high intensity, corrosion resistance, and long life cycle according to clients’ needs. Yinbang has the largest capacity for brazing aluminum clad material in China.

 Our products are widely used in heat exchangers for automotives and off-highway-vehicles, like radiator、 charger air cooler、oil cooler 、Condenser、evaporator and  heater;and for Air conditioning: like microchannel condenser and microchannel evaporator; and for energy industry: like power plants ACC system, air separation system,etc.


Engine thermal management


Application analysis---Brazing aluminum clad material



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