Description: HIP is a process of putting a component in a high pressure containment vessel and subjecting the component to both elevated temperature and isostatic gas pressure. With high temperature and high pressure, metal powders can also be turned to compact solids, microshrinkage can be reduced and diffusion bonding can be achieved.

Three kinds of applications with HIP technology: casting post-treatment, powder densification and diffusion bonding.

1. casting post- treatment


2. Powder densification

The advantages of HIP technology in preparing metal powder materials

  • Authoritative recognition:  It's recognized by ASTM, NACE, API and NOSOK.

  • Clean ingredients:  HIP avoids metal and non-metal pollution;

  • The mechanical properties are homogeneous:  There is no discrepancy in segregation and grain orientation, etc.. The materials are of the same property and mechanical properties are improved.

  • Grains are finer and more corrosion-resistant:  Grains have stronger abilities to avoid hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion.

  • The material is well oriented:  The internal and external textures of the material are consistent, so HIP can provide an accurate, effective ultrasonic detection.

  • Flexible near-net shape design:

  • The utilization of material has been greatly improved, and the development period is short. It is especially cost-efficient to produce small batch of varieties of products.

  • The key part is not welded, and also both the service life and stability are improved.   The cost of making and testing decrease.

  • Compared with forging process, the delivery time for products made by using this technology is short.

  • It is easy to produce  clad  materials with excellent performance.

屏幕快照 2017-10-30 下午12.17.05.png

Figure above: tee valve of high-alloy stainless steel produced by HIP Near-Net Shape Technology .




Figure above: metal powder steel products

3. Diffusion bonding



High frequency shock absorbers


 μ particle target


Injection molding machine tube

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