We are operating nine metal 3D printers now, with which we can manufacture sophisticated components with maximum size of 630*400*500mm, making and processing components made of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel-based high-temperature alloy, stainless steel and die steel. Our project team has verified the stability of the processing platform and developed and optimized post-treatment processes, the laser parameter, and the surface treatment process with the past two-year efforts. In the case of 3D printing technology we have made a remarkable leap in the stability, uniformity, repeat-ability and the control of shape and performance. In 2015, the strategic plan to produce 168 pieces (28 pieces / sets, a total of 6 sets) of components by using 3D printing technology applied to the homemade C919 passenger plane was realized. Since the founding of our company, we have produced and processed nearly 30,000 components with 3D printing technology.

3D printing technology shortens the research period, making the coefficient of utilization of material up to 90%, saving material and lowering more than 30% of cost. Besides, it has been widely used in aerospace, biological medicine, exquisite art, and sophisticated grinding tools, among others.

·           The company is the first one in China to be accredited with the Certificate of Airworthiness to produce titanium alloy powder and additive manufacturing titanium alloy parts.

·           The only company in China that manufactures and operates the titanium alloy powders that meets the international aviation standard for parts in an aircraft.

·           The 3D printing products have reached the internationally advanced level in terms of technology in large metal bearing components of high performance and complexity , which makes Falcontech one of the few international suppliers of  aircraft parts.

·           Falcontech is a qualified supplier of COMAC, suppling COMAC C919 with door parts and other 3D printed parts.

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