Commercial Targets

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Yinbang is an enterprise engaging in diverse businesses including investment, with a focus on metal processing, 3D printing and material R&D, sales and after-sale services. We are oriented toward meeting high end and lower end customers and end users’ needs. We serve the society in collaboration with partners, employees, shareholders, and government by fully leveraging the advantages in R&D ability and technological innovation. In this way we provide customers at home and abroad with excellent material (aluminum clad material, clad materials, aerospace grade titanium, nickel alloy powder). We devote ourselves to expanding our presence in international market through lean production as a way of scientific control and capital operation, satisfying the global consumers’ demand for high quality and low-burden life, which helps to establish ourselves as a leading player in heat exchanger industry, especially in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market, like automobiles, new energy vehicles, mechanical equipment, artificial environment control and other industries in the world. We aim at becoming the largest supplier of products with supreme quality and enjoying the largest market share in world's brazing aluminum clad material market, striving to become a solution provider in aviation, high-speed rail, new energy vehicles and other industries’ lightweight .products

Brand Positioning

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Yinbang, a lighter pace, a easier life.

Brand Commitment

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In this fast-paced and impetuous era, Yinbang sees that companies , as well as people , are facing greater challenges and pressures. To reduce the burden of people's lives, Yinbang will continue to optimize the technology and materials use that could be applied to produce the life tools . Yinbang is well aware of the monopoly of foreign countries in lightweight materials, and the dominance hinders the development of the country. Therefore, the company tackled the difficulties, independently carried out research and development and achieved what seems impossible in lightweight materials to remove the drag on national progress. Material optimization is prerequisite for a country to be energy efficient and low-carbon and to deliver environmental protection, and emission reduction. Therefore, Yinbang pays more attention to how to make a clearer world, thus reducing the burden on the earth.

Yinbang believes that an ease mind brings a better world.


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